off centre is an online publication dedicated to critical writing about contemporary art and artists outside of large metropolitan centres. We believe it is important to provide opportunities for and highlight the practices of artists, writers, and curators who produce and exhibit in these regions, challenging the expectation that culture emerges in the centre and works its way beyond.

off centre is seeking submissions for critical art writing about artists, exhibitions and art related events that take place outside of large Canadian art centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal.  

We are looking for:
- Critical short form reviews (750-1500 words)
- Interviews
- Studio visits

Submissions must include:
-   CV (2-3 pages)
-   Bio (150- 250 words)
-   title of show, venue name, full list of artists (and curators if applicable)
-   additional contact info including: email address, website, social media handles
-   short pitch (200 words max) for a piece you are working on or would like to write, along with a two-page writing sample, demonstrating your style and experience OR
-   a completed article or review that has not previously been published (750 – 1500 words)
-   please indicate whether the piece has been submitted or published elsewhere

Successful applicants must provide images of the exhibition, performance, or event for reference for the published piece, with photo credit, or access to professional documentation

off centre believes that art writing should be accessible to a broad audience and not feel exclusionary to those who do not have an academic background. Please write clearly and provide context / definitions for any specific terminology.

Compile all material into a .docx or .pdf file and email your submission to info[at]

There is no submission fee

Successful pieces will be published on our website and promoted through our social media channels. off centre is independently run and funded. We are currently able to offer a modest writer’s fee of $100.

off centre prioritizes the work of artists, writers, and curators who identify as emerging, Black, Indigenous, racialized, Queer, disabled, and / or those who are working in underrepresented practices.

Please direct all questions to info[at]